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"Inside Ron DeSantis’s Plan to Ride Anti-Vaxxism to the White House"

In December 14, 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, wearing a mask, watched expectantly as a FedEx truck backed up to a loading dock at Tampa General Hospital. The truck carried precious cargo: boxes of the very first COVID-19 vaccines. With a flourish, DeSantis signed the FedEx manifest. “Today, we will have shots going in arms,” he proudly declared.


"REVIEW: We Want Them Infected by Jonathan Howard, MD"

We Want Them Infected is from a sort of voice that actually has been silenced by the media - the frontline doctors and nurses who have struggled so hard to save lives these past few years. Dr. Jonathan Howard brings you all the way back to the horrors of early 2020 in New York City - a viral Pearl Harbor, even. 

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